Good Credit Is Sexy by Kristy Welsh

Kristy Welsh, author of "Good Credit is Sexy" brings humor and frankness to the world of credit. Her book explores topics such as bankruptcy, settling debt, repairing your credit and getting rid of collection agency phone calls. Ms. Welsh presents the information in an easy to understand language so that everyone can benefit from her years of credit repair experience. She has helped thousands of people repair their credit, get in shape for a mortgage or auto loan, or get out of debt paying much less than they actually owed.

"Good Credit is Sexy" has been such a success, it is in its' 4th edition of printing! With Ms. Welsh's easy to understand and easy to remember style of writing, it is no wonder this book has been such a hit. She has talked to thousands of people over the years, and this book is a culmination of research and information obtained from her clients – people just like you!

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View the "Table of Contents" and here are just some of the highlights of this book:

You can have the upper hand when applying for a:

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Learn how to recover from bankruptcy!
Using Ms. Welsh's credit repair methods, you can quickly apply for low interest rate mortgages and auto loans!

Buried in credit card debt?
You will learn how to settle for your debt for pennies on the dollar!

Collection agencies calling you at all hours of the day looking for money?
Learn how to get rid of them immediately! Since 90% of these organizations don't follow the law, you will learn ways to take them to court for violating your rights and earn thousands of dollars in the process!

Do you think your credit situation is hopeless?
By using our legal methods, you can completely clean up your credit report in as little as 6 months.

Don't wait another day and order "Good Credit is Sexy" right now! You have nothing to lose and good credit to gain. This easy to read book will give you the tools and knowledge you will need to repair your credit, consolidate or eliminate your credit card debt, stop creditor phone calls and recover from a bankruptcy. The time is now to start to clean up your credit and get on the road to low interest loans and stress free living.

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

I have read every book, website and credit repair forum that I can find and I have to say Good Credit is Sexy is the best of the bunch. - Marc Chase,


"Highly recommended." Erskine, radio host, "Erskine overnight"


Reading this book has changed my life. It taught me to treat your credit as you do your children, with respect and patience. I will be moving into my home soon and opening a business: helping others in Michigan to fix their credit and buy a home of their own, too! Thank you Kristy, my life has changed in so many ways. I will forever be grateful to you for getting this information out to us. -- Dawn Florinchi


"Your book is so well written and easy to read! I am making everyone on my staff read it." - Maureen Rooney, National Housing Services.


Between the book and the website, I honestly have to say, "Kristy has changed my life." Words can't even begin to describe how wonderful it feels to have my credit back in order. I'm extremely grateful to Kristy for sharing her knowledge of credit, and for making my dreams a reality. -- Kim Morrow


Good Credit is Sexy has been a life altering experience for me, changing my entire thinking from a helpless victim to an empowered credit repair champion! -- Yvonne Evans


I can't thank you enough for the information you have provided. Thanks to you, my credit is in better shape than I thought possible. -- Eric Swanson


Praise for

"I've spent two or three sessions with you over the phone.  I wanted to show you how your advice has helped.  I started working on my bad credit one year ago and I've since bought a home.  My initial scores were in the mid 5's to low 6's and they are now in the mid 700's. Thanks!" ~ Dave R. has been a lifesaver for my family and myself. The information I learned from this site has been indispensable. Everyone should know his or her rights and this site teaches you. -- Karen L. Perry


"Hi Kristy, I won the case, the lawyer was a fill-in for <omitted> and he had nothing in his possession as evidence so he asked the judge, per instructions from them, to dismiss the case and of course I agreed, case over.  Kristy, thanks for your help I really appreciate it and working with me thank you!" ~  Ken


"I appreciate your time and consulting me on the best method to proceed against the law firm. I am mailing the letter in a few minutes via USPS Saturday delivery so hopefully the matter will be resolved by/on Monday. You have made a big difference in my life and I am very grateful." ~ Bernie S.


"I decided to enclose the money orders/cashier's checks with my settlement letters, because you asked me if I was a good negotiator and I said I was not and I could not facing haggling with them over the phone, so I figured I would just send them a reasonable amount of money upfront.  I can't believe that it worked! Two more to go! Thanks Kristy!" ~  Martha R.


"I just wanted to let you know some of the results of your eBook "Turning the Table On Your Creditors".... after endless phone calls and many certified mail letters to the original creditor, I filed three small claims lawsuits. These were against two major national banks and a law firm. In one case, the bank did not show at court. I later settled this one with the bank's legal department for $1,500 and deletion.

The second case was settled before court. I filed to dismiss. This tradeline was deleted.

The third case was settled before court. I filed to dismiss. Four unauthorized inquires were removed.

I learned that the only way to get any attention is to file a lawsuit. I would advise anyone else in the same situation to send those certified mail letters, and if no response, get down to the courthouse." ~ James B.